Founded in 2016 by Cindy Czarnik and Vonda Cini, the creation of It’s In Your Jeans was inspired by the impact of colorectal, prostate, and testicular cancers on loved ones and the noticeable need for resources and awareness towards men’s health. Beaumont Trenton and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospitals are key players in carrying out our mission and in reaching those who could benefit from our support.


Founders: Vonda Cini & Cindy Czarnik


Cindy and George Gorno Sr.

“I lost my father, mentor, hero, and friend, George Gorno Sr., to stage 4 colon cancer in 2009. That experience is my motivation for co-founding ‘It’s In Your Jeans.’ Early detection through educational programs and preventative screening canĀ and will save lives in our community! Until a cure for cancer is found, it is our responsibility to teach our sons how to live a healthy lifestyle, what signs to look for if something is wrong, and to be comfortable talking about it. Let’s get the conversation started!”

– Cindy Gorno-Czarnik, Co- Founder


“Cancer is way too prominent in the lives of those of us in the Downriver area. We speak often, as if in common conversation about women’s health issues, which proves what great strides we have made. I think we need to apply that same focus and attention to men’s health issues. This cause is near and dear to my heart. I have lost two prominent loved ones in my life to cancer, a stepfather whom I adored and broke my heart to lose so early, just as heartbreaking was to watch my young nephew at the age of 32, with his whole life ahead of him pass away much, much to early of testicular cancer. Michael had symptoms that he didn’t initially share, not realizing the danger he was facing. Men are too often told at a young age to “Tough it out” or “Be strong,” we want to encourage men to share what is ailing them and not to be afraid to get checked out.”

– Vonda Cini, Co- Founder