“It was ten long and worrisome months for my family and me. I came through, hopefully cured, but could not help but feel that my medical journey could have been a better experience. Care also must be more timely. For several prostate patients I knew, current local care did not treat in time.

The nightly trips to the bathroom were annoying, my late wife Doris insisted I see a family doctor who referred me to an urologist. I had a P.S.A and a biopsy and received the news all men fear – I had prostate cancer! I have had an array of treatments and procedures, ultrasounds, x-rays, bone scan, hormones, 28 needles and 85 radioactive see implants.”

Matt Dugal

  1. Locally, we have trained urologists to do the more advanced, less invasive prostate cancer surgery, but don’t have the equipment to perform it.
  2. Male health issues such as urinary tract issues, prostate cancer, and sexual dysfunction are currently under-serviced in our area.
  3. There is no single, simple path from your General Practitioner; to a specialist, to treatment.
  4. Information, education, and support required at critical times are not always available.
  5. Wait time to get your biopsy results is too long because vital diagnostic resources are insufficient.
  6. The current wait time from diagnosis to treatment is 30 anxious weeks.
  7. More than 50% of prostate cancer surgeries are currently performed outside of our region.
  8. All of these issues are significant if you have an elevated PSA or suspicious DRE test results and need to determine if your condition is benign or malignant.