In support of the Dr. Richard Boyd Regional Comprehensive Men’s Health Program.

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Modeled on the Women’s Breast Health Centre located at WRH.

The Dr. Richard Boyd Regional Comprehensive Men’s Health Centre
will provide:

  • One-stop urological services including prostate care that will come to you
  • A patient friendly diagnostic, treatment and follow-up process
  • High quality multi-disciplinary care
  • Research to keep care up-to-date
  • Your wait time from cancer suspicion to treatment will be cut in half
    from 30 weeks to 16 weeks, well within acceptable standards
  • Information and support to ease your journey
  • Education to aid in early cancer detection

A modernized lab to help save lives

When fighting prostate or any cancer, time can be of the essence.
The sooner the diagnosis, the sooner
the treatment. A high performance
laboratory is key to earlier and better treatment for all types of cancer.
Your donation will support the following:

  • New, more efficient, more reliable equipment will help improve the quality of care
  • The average prostate biopsy turnaround time will be reduced from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days
  • Turnaround times will also be reduced for other cancer biopsies for both men and women
  • When necessary, consultations with experts in other cities can be done electronically. Currently our samples are delivered to out of town medical centres

With Prostate Surgery, Precision Matters

Removing a cancerous prostate while preserving attached tiny nerve fibres and blood vessels calls for delicate skill. Sophisticated robotic and computer technologies enable urologists to perform prostate surgery through tiny incisions no bigger than a dime, using nimble instruments the diameter of a pencil.
For more information on the daVinci surgical assisting robot click here.

  • Excellent cancer control
  • Good return of erectile function
  • Excellent return of urinary continence
  • Future surgery for other cancers for men and women
  • Less blood loss and transfusions
  • Faster recovery and return to normal activities
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Fewer days with catheter
  • Lower risk of wound infection